Why Aren’t the Aliens Contacting Us? Maybe They Live in Simulations 

Written by R. Aaron Schuaer 

Maybe I’ve been watching too much “Black Mirror” and keeping up with too much SETI news, but I got to thinking about a theory last night. I’m sure I’m not the first to come up with this theory, but maybe indisputable contact by extraterrestrials hasn’t occurred because all the sufficiently advanced civilizations have transferred their consciousnesses into computer simulations. 

This is certainly inspired, firstly…

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SETI Researchers: Strange Radio Emissions Probably Not ET 

Researchers from UC Berkeley announced that mysterious radio emissions they’ve been analyzing are probably made by alien civilizations...probably. Their research shows these radio waves are likely connected to massive black holes. 

From UC Berkeley:

Recent observations of a mysterious and distant object that emits intermittent bursts of radio waves so bright that they’re visible across the universe provide new data about the source but fail to

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Experience a Bigfoot Encounter? Maybe You’re a Jerk 

Written by R. Aaron Schauer 

Have you ever wondered why some folks get to experience a squatchy encounter and you’re left in the dark with only your imagination and, maybe, some footprints and broken tree branches? Well, if the woodland giant is anything like bonobos, maybe it’s because you’re just too nice. 

(maybe that explains why Todd Standing sees Bigfoot all the freaking time) 

A Review of Todd Standing’s “Discovering Bigfoot”


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Space X to Launch Secret Satellite into Space Sunday Evening 

Written by R. Aaron Schauer 

Be warned skywatchers and UFO enthusiast: Space X plans to launch one of their rockets tonight. The evening launch of a Falcon 9 rocket by the company back in late December (2017) set off a bit of a UFO frenzy. The earlier launch, which took place in California, had folks pointing their phones to the sky and uploading videos to Instagram and YouTube trumpeting impending doom by alien invasion. 

SpaceX Launches

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Nasa rock

Did Curiosity Snap a Photo of Fossils on Mars? 

Written by R. Aaron Schauer 

A photo of a rock formation snapped by NASA’s Curiosity Rover on Mars is causing speculation that the planet was once inhabited by alien life. 

NASA shared this photo on their Curiosity Rover Facebook Page...a page that pretends to be written by the rover itself. 

I think some people in the social media department at NASA needs to stop pretending they’re a robot on our neighboring planet. As if Curiosity would…

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Tg 1 coverage plot annotated

There’s a Small Chance You Could Get Hit in the Head with a Spacecraft 

Written by R. Aaron Schauer 

In March 2018, keep an eye out on the sky on the off chance a Chinese spacecraft may hit you squarely in your ole peeper. I know this isn’t necessarily paranormal, but I consider it my duty to give this PSA. Plus, it could turn you into a ghost. The Tiangong-1 satellite is a rebellious craft...out of control and falling to an unknown time and unknown place. Take comfort in the fact that you have a better chance of winning the Powerball lottery (even if anointed with…

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Holy Water Fails to Win Me Powerball Lottery 

Written by R. Aaron Schauer 

Just a short drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico, nestled in the foothills of the Rock Mountains sits El Santuario de Chimayo. Just to the left of the sanctuary of this 19ths century holy site is a small chamber with a hole full of sand. The sand is believed to have magical, healing properties. Visitor can stoop down to grab themselves a handful of sand in hopes of healing whatever ails them. Attached to the small sand chamber is a larger chamber filled with crutches and walking…

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Microphone audio computer sound recording 55800

New Paranormal Anxiety Podcasts Available

If you love the paranormal and you love podcast, join host, Aaron Schauer, for the Paranormal Anxiety podcast. 

We have three new episodes up. 

In one, Aaron talks about the supernatural ability to predict the future. 

Two other episodes focus on some of the latest paranormal news including a secret, government UFO program and which state you're most likely to report a bigfoot sighting. 

You can listen below of find the podcasts on iTunes. 




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Alien Megastructure Likely Not Surrounding Mysterious Star

Written by R. Aaron Schauer

We are one step not closer to finding proof of advanced alien civilizations out there in this vast Universe. No lead buried here. And no sentence not left mangled in some confusing way. I’m an artist! 

New research coming out of LSU (from the mighty and powerful SEC Conference) suggest that mysterious dimming coming from a star called “Tabby’s Star” is most likely the result of dust and not an alien megastructure…

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Megamillions logo

Solar Eclipse Water Fails to Win Me Mega Millions Again 

Written by R. Aaron Schauer 

Call it wishful thinking, call it greed, call it the forbidden use of magic in the presence of a muggle...but...yeah, I tried to win some of that sweet Mega Millions Lottery dough using the power of my treasured eclipse water. Seeing as I’m not typing these on a computer made of gold, my spell didn’t work. Again. 

What is eclipse water and why does the discussion of it belong on the paranormal blog? Eclipse water…

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